14-Year-Old Teenager Gang Raped By 8 Men in a Dark CemeteryTrending News Portal

     3 months ago
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BIÑAN, LAGUNA — A 14-year-old girl was allegedly gangr*ped by 8 men inside a cemetery. The victim was drunk and unconcious when the 8 suspects repeatedly abused her.

According to the report by Chito Gaston, the teenager, hiding under the name “Daisy” for her protection, met the suspects during the birthday party of a certain Mark Anthony Capina on August 30.

On behalf of Daisy, the victim’s mother narrated how the grade 7 student was gangr*ped by the suspects. The 14-year-old girl was reportedly plied with alcohol, causing her to lose consciousness.

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A certain “Christian” was identified as a probable witness to the r*pe charges, reportedly overhearing the 8 suspects as they were planning on bringing the unconscious Daisy to the cemetery after the party.

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The 14-year-old girl’s mother said:

“Pinagpaplanuhan na po kung saan dadalhin yung anak ko. Nung gabi po sa location ng birthday, nagdala po ng marijuana si Macboy, tumira po ng marijuana yung mga suspek.”

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After losing consciousness, Daisy was surprised to find the birthday celebrant, Mark Anthony, on top of her, while another suspect, Benjie Cornejo, was seated near her head.

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Daisy attempted to stand up and begged her captors to let her go home. “Kuya, pauwiin niyo na ako,” she reportedly said.

But the suspects wouldn’t let her go. “Isa nalang ‘to. Pagbigyan mo na yung birthday boy,” one of the suspects allegedly said.

During the ordeal, the 14-year-old victim drifted in and out of consciousness. At one point, she even remembers seeing someone taking a video while she was being r*ped.

The victim eventually woke up to find herself in a hut, beside another suspect named Ronnie Laureola. At this point, Daisy was strong enough to run, eventually escaping the clutches of the r*pists.

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According to the cemetery caretaker, Fidel Villano, he didn’t see anyone enter the premises. Since the gates are closed every night, Fidel suspects that the perpetrators must have climbed the wall to trespass.

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via gmanetwork.com

“Sinira nila yung matatalim eh, nakabaon sa ibabaw ‘yan eh. Yung barb wire, meron din,” Fidel said, pointing out the low wall.

Suspects Mark Anthony and Benjie have already been arrested. The two alleged r*pists argued that they were innocent.

“Hindi ko po alam ‘yon. Pinauwi na po ako ng tito ko,” Mark Anthony claimed as he covered his face.

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Benjie seconded this by saying, “Wala po ako sa pangyayari. Kasama ko yung kasama ng babae nung oras na ‘yun.”

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As of press time, the police are searching for the other suspects, namely, Ronnie Laureola, Victorino Hornillas, Wilfredo Hicana, Lawrence Desa, Mcboy Cervantes, and one alias “Paopao.”

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Watch the 24 Oras news report below:

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the other suspects, please coordinate with the proper authorities. Share your thoughts and opinions on this case in the comments section. 




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