2-Year Old Toddler Choked to Death After Swallowing Grapes

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“The smallest coffins are the heaviest.

It is every parents’ worst nightmare to witness the death of their children. No parent should ever bury their child, this should be the way it is. Unfortunately, accidents happen. One moment your child is safe and sound, and the next thing you know he could be lying cold and lifeless on the floor.

No matter how much you guard your child against danger, accidents don’t choose a time or place. This is the painful lesson a couple from Detroit, Michigan learned the hard way after their toddler son met an untimely and tragic death.

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It was a typical day in August.

For mother Emma Carver, it was just another trip to the grocery store with her 2-year old son, Ayyan Umar. However, she did not foresee that this seemingly normal trip to the grocery store would also be the last moments of her young son’s life.

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While shopping in the store, Emma put her toddler in a shopping cart so she could get things from the shelf freely. At one point, she had to cross the aisle to get cheese. At the exact moment that she turned her back, she was not aware that her two-year-old son managed to get a hold of grapes.

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Not a minute had passed but the unknowing toddler accidentally swallowed the grapes. When she returned, Emma was alarmed to see that her son’s face was already bluish. The unchewed grape chunks blocked his airway, causing difficulty in breathing.

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Upon seeing her son’s bluish face, her motherly instincts kicked in. Emma forcefully tapped her son’s back until another shopper called 911. While they were waiting for the paramedics to arrive, another shopper gave the toddler CPR for five to seven minutes.

“I even threw the cheese down and then started banging his back. I wasn’t getting it out, so it had to be lodged.”

A few moments later, the paramedics arrived. They were able to remove a single grape from Ayyan’s airway, but it was too late because he already stopped breathing. The 2-year old died before they even reached the hospital.

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via youtube.com channel: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


via youtube.com channel: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


Needless to say, the parents were devastated by the untimely death of their son. Father Mohammad Umar expressed his longing for his son.

“I feel like it’s just a bad dream and somebody’s going to wake me up. He sleeps on my chest, I see him everywhere.”

The couple decided to share their tragic story to warn other parents. According to The American Institue of Pediatrics, grapes should be cut in half before feeding them to a child under four years old to avoid choking incidents.

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via youtube.com channel: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


via youtube.com channel: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


For more information on this story, check out this news report below.


On the other hand, a report published on Healthychildren.org, parents should be wary of small objects that can block their child’s airway.

“Be alert for small objects that can cause chokings, such as coins, buttons, and small toys. Check under furniture and between cushions for small items that children could find and put in their mouths.”

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