24-Year-Old Japanese Woman Commits Suicide After Working 105 Overtime Hours in a Month

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Karoshi is a Japanese term referring to cases of death due to excessive workload. A mother is mourning the passing of her 24-year-old daughter who jumped off her dormitory because of too much overtime. The advertising agency where she worked is now charged with 500,000 yen or more than P226,000.

Matsuri Takahashi, an employee in Dentsu committed suicide Christmas of 2015. According to an investigation, she worked for a total of 105 hours for her overtime October of that year.

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The young woman experienced depression because of the long hours she needed to work. After her death, it was discovered on social media that her employer constantly reprimands her.

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Takahashi’s mother is not contented with the amount the company has to pay. She is hoping for a more rightful consequence for what they have caused to her daughter.

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Recently, reports of a Japanese reporter who died in 2013 also because of overtime came to surface.

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In 2014, a Filipino OFW, Joey Tocnang lost his life due to excessive working. The 27-year-old man was forced to overtime for 122 hours in a month.

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The OFW’s family was left with 3 million yen equivalent to P1.4 million lump sum. Aside from that, the widowed wife and their child will be receiving 2 million yen per year which is equivalent to P900,000.

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According to Circadian, those who work excessively are at higher risk of developing heart, mental and emotional problems. Due to lack of sleep, they are not that focused on their task which can lead to injuries or accidents. They also have higher chances of committing suicide.

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What can you say about these recurring incidents? Are you also a victim of forced excessive overtime like them? What do you think should the government do about this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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