50-year-old Indonesian Mom Shocks the World with Her Face and Body That Seem to Defy Aging

     2 months ago
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You’d think she is the same age as her sons!

More often than not, people think they are aging at a faster speed and end up using plenty of make-up products and some even opt for medicines to look younger. If not everyone, it is no secret that a lot of people want to slow down their aging and look as young as possible.

But aging is inevitable. Until scientists discover a way of slowing it down, aging is a natural process and you need to accept the fact. With this in mind, you’d expect a 50-year-old mom to be wrinkled and have white hair—but this Indonesian woman seem to defy aging!

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A video shared by user Ochie’Aswan Arsyad has gained fame on Facebook thousands of likes. In the video, a woman can be seen holding a cake for her birthday, while her ‘sons’ filmed and cheered for her. You’d think she’s probably in her 20’s, but apparently, she just turned 50!

Believe it or not, the woman believed to have come from Indonesia is already 50 years old, and already have two grown sons. At her age, she looked like she was just 18 years old, or at least in her early 20’s!

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While many opt for cosmetics, make-up, and medicine to look younger, there are a few youthful women who claim that drinking lots of water while eating vegetables and fruits is the only secret to their looks.


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