80-Year-Old Man Cares for His Bedridden Grandson for 17 Years

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A person is deemed bedridden when he or she can no longer physically function in such a way that would be considered normal. Usually, the certain individual can no longer walk, stand, or run without assistance from other people.

One such teenager was deemed bedridden for the rest of his life. According to NTD Television, 80-year-old Toton took care of his emaciated grandson by himself for 17 years. Both of them live in Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia.

Syifa, the grandson, was reported to suffer from a rare condition that turned his physical appearance emaciated or extremely thin. He couldn’t walk nor talk and was declared a bedridden for the rest of his life.

via NTD Television
via ntd.tv

Syifa’s father passed away when the former was just five-months-old. Meanwhile, his mother left him to Toton and his wife as she “went in search of a better life, no longer wanting to take care for [sic] the boy.”

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via NTD Television

Ever since, Toton and his wife have taken care of Syifa until his wife has passed away. According to Toton, despite his old age, he’ll always be there for his bedridden grandson.

via NTD Television
via NTD Television

Toton was actually a retired soldier who never received any kind of pension from the government. As such, he had to labor away on a farm to support himself and Syifa.

He claimed that it was a difficult feat but he never complained as he “didn’t give up on Syifa.” The online community got wind of their story and the Indonesian government lent them a helping hand for their plight.

Syfia was admitted to the hospital but unfortunately, he lost his life afterward. It seemed as if the government had offered their help too late. The bedridden grandson was buried in a public cemetery in their village, where many officials came to offer their sincerest condolences.

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via NTD Television
via NTD Television

Meanwhile, here are the netizens’ comments about his case:

via facebook/NTDTelevision
via facebook/NTDTelevision

What do you think of Syfia’s story? Do you have relatives or family members who are bedridden as well? Let us know your stories in the comments section below! 


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