Abandoned Girl Refuses to Come With Biological Parents to Care for her Paralyzed Adoptive Dad

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As the old adage goes, “You reap what you sow”. This old man from China is a living testimony that the kindness you give to others will find its way back to you, even if it takes years on its way. He displayed altruism many years ago when he adopted an abandoned girl. Years later. his act of kindness was finally repaid.

On one fateful day many years ago in Guangdong Province, China, a newborn baby girl was abandoned by her parents.  At that same night in the same hospital, a farmer named Zheng and his wife were grieving the loss of their child. Zheng’s wife suffered a miscarriage which broke both of their hearts.

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Perhaps it was destiny that allowed their paths to cross. Zheng heard that a baby girl has been abandoned in the hospital and he took pity for the poor child. Zheng and his wife decided to take the abandoned girl home to adopt her.

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Eleven years have passed and the abandoned girl is now fully grown. The couple christened her Xiao Qi and loved her as their own daughter because they never had a child of their own. However, in 2010, an incident occurred that tested Xiao Qi’s loyalty and dedication to her adoptive family.

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Zheng suffered a stroke which rendered him paralyzed. The stroke caused him to be bedridden most of the times. The damage to his nerves is so extensive that he can only move with the aid of a wheelchair. Instead of taking care of Zheng, his wife abandoned him alone with Xiao Qi and Zheng’s 90-year old mother.

For two years, young Xiao Qi took great care of her adoptive family. When Zheng’s mother died, Xiao Qi was left to do all the chores in the household. They only survive on the meager monetary aid from the government. It was not an easy feat for an 11-years old, but she managed to do it anyway.

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Then, out of the blue, Xiao Qi’s biological parents turned up! They expressed remorse and regret for abandoning her in the past. At that time, Xiao Qi has the freedom to come with her biological parents and be free from the burden of taking care of old Zheng. However, she decided to refuse the offer of her adoptive parents.

Xiao Qi stayed with Zheng instead and she continued to care for him. Their heartwarming story has spread throughout the country and soon enough, help came flooding in. Thanks to several fundraisers, Zheng and Xiao Qi can finally move to a new house!

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