Abs-olutely! Xander Ford Shows Off Amazing Set of Abs In Sexy Dance

     2 months ago
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It’s no surprise that almost every Filipino now knows the name Xander Ford. Who wouldn’t, after seeing his transformation from the most bashed social media personality as Marlou Arizala to the still-bashed celebrity today. But after undergoing a series of cosmetic surgeries, Xander has a face worthy of a leading man role.

Before he became the undeniable Pambansang Oppa (which he bestowed upon himself, by the way), he was a member of the boy band parody, Hasht5. The group uploaded dance covers of hit songs, to the detriment/merriment of fans and haters alike. And it seemed that dancing is one of the talents Xander could offer as a wannabe artista.

In the video compilation uploaded by Youtube channel Avid Fan, it showed Xander wearing an unbuttoned camouflage jacket and a pair of glasses. He was dancing to the song Rolex, while showing off his abs and smooth skin.

via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan
via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan

He doesn’t seem shy at all.

via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan

It looked like he’s proud of his new body. We couldn’t tell if he had something done on his torso?

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via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan

His dab is on point, as well.

via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan

And that Rolly Rolly Rolly part was followed by another sexy move.

via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan

Kabahan na kayo, he seemed to tell his detractors.

via instagram.com/iamxanderford

Would you say that his dancing was at par with other Kapamilya leading men? After all, rumor has it that he’s being groomed as the next Daniel, Enrique, or James.

But he has to find a suitable onscreen partner first to make the loveteam route work. There were talks that Xander Ford will be paired with former child star Miles Ocampo, but none has been confirmed yet.

via instagram.com/iamxanderford

Moreover, there were reports that his good looks went to his head. On Facebook, showbiz insider Ogie Diaz posted about what he heard about the upcoming celebrity.

Some claim that Xander has become “mayabang” when he was overheard saying, “Guard, guard! Papasukin mo ‘ko. Ako si Xander Ford!”

via instagram.com/iamxanderford

The social media celebrity has since issued a clarification on his official Facebook account. Xander Ford denied the accusations, emphasizing that all his life, he’s constantly bashed for his looks.

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In part, it read:

“Gusto ko po malaman nyo na Hindi naman totoo yung Ipapapakalat nyo about sa akin na masama daw ugali ko kesyo lumaki daw po ulo ko. paano nyo po nalaman Buong buhay ko puro panglalait ang nakukuha ko sa mga tao.”

Don’t worry, Xander, we’re sure your fans absolutely adore you, just the way you are.

via youtube.com channel: Avid Fan

Take a look at the video below to see more of Xander’s dance moves:

Do you find Xander’s abs amazing? What could you say about rumors that he’s gotten “mayabang” because of his new looks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!




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