Alice Dixson Shows off Her Sexy Workout Photos on Instagram

     2 months ago
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Alice Dixson may be two years shy of turning the prime age of fifty, but she is still sexy and very much kicking! In fact, the actress has once again fired up the internet with her latest workout pictures.

According to a report by ABS-CBN Entertainment, Alice Dixson has shared two pictures that showed her physically improving herself. The pictures have gained lots of online attention that people couldn’t help but admire the actress. After all, it is rare for someone her age to be that fit or incredibly sexy.

This is actually not the first time that the actress has been involved in workouts and fitness regimens. Based on ABS-CBN News’ report on May 2017, Alice said that she finds time to work out every day, even as short as 20 minutes. She shared:

“You find a way to work it in like before you go to work. Best time is before you shower and get ready for work, because when you get home from work in the evening, you’re gonna be too tired.” 

via instagram/alicedixson
via instagram/alicedixson
via instagram/alicedixson

She also revealed that she substitutes honey as a sweetener instead of pure sugar. Alice also eats more fiber than carbohydrate-filled food. She noted:

“I substitute rice with vegetables and salads so instead of lots of carb-heavy food I substitute it with fiber like vegetables.” 

via instagram/alicedixson
via instagram/alicedixson

Check out her latest workout picture:

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via instagram/alicedixson

An excerpt of her caption reads:

“My 30min workout…I try to do it daily & if I can do more than better (insert emoji) This week I’m working on my midside and back, also strengthening upper legs.” 

As of this writing, the picture above has gained 9,584 likes and lots of comments. Netizens said things like “nice,” “hot,” and “fantastic.”

via instagram/alicedixson
via instagram/alicedixson

Alice Dixson also shared a workout selfie. Check it out:

via instagram/alicedixson

An excerpt of her caption reads:

“At kahit basang basa ako sa pawis, my eyelashes are still (insert emojis)” 

It has currently gained 5,880 likes as of this writing.

Watch the video report about her here:

Alice Dixson, nag-share ng workout photo

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What do you think about Alice’s workout pictures? Do you like it? Do you workout as well? Let us know your thoughts about her in the comments section below! 

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SOURCES: ABS-CBN Entertainment | ABS-CBN News

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