Angeline Quinto Talks about Relationship Troubles with Erik Santos

     2 weeks ago
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Kapamilya singer and blockbuster actress Angeline Quinto was the subject of speculations and rumors along with her rocky relationship with former-boyfriend Erik Santos.

The lack of news or updates whatsoever from both parties left the public out of the loop on what’s going on between the two. However, Angeline hinted that their failed relationship faced struggles in the past.

The actress stated a cryptic message for her ex-boyfriend, Erik Santos during the taping of ABS-CBN’s reality show “I Can Hear Your Voice”.





After an astounding performance by a female contestant, host Luis Manzano asked questions pertaining to the contestant’s relationship with her boyfriend.

During the short clip uploaded on Youtube, Luis Manzano was interviewing the couple about the struggles in their relationship. The female contestant expressed her gratitude towards her significant other because he chose her over his career.

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The female contestant’s emotional sentiments were followed by taunts from one of the show’s judges, actress and model Alex Gonzaga. Alex jokingly pointed at her co-judge Angeline who was sitting across her and prodded her to address her issues.

What does Angeline Quinto have to say about this?

via channel: I Can See Your Voice PH


Before this, the Kapamilya singer was heard saying something about her ex-boyfriend, co-singer Erik Santos. During the video, Angeline was heard muttering:

“Ewan ko ba kay Eric.”

When she was confronted by Alex, Angeline hesitated to speak at first. It was only after her other co-judges said something that the 27-year old singer expressed her feelings.

“Pinili nya ‘yung career, edi career.”

via channel: I Can See Your Voice PH


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via channel: I Can See Your Voice PH


Despite the emotional strain in her voice, Angeline Quinto stated this in a matter-of-fact tone. The tense atmosphere during the show was diffused when Luis Manzano made a well-timed joke that brought people, including Angeline, to laughter.











To see the entire video, check out the clip below.


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