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     3 months ago
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Many people believe that baking soda has a lot of uses for so simple an item. It is commercially used as a baking agent in cakes, cookies and other pastries. Some say it’s a great alternative to cleaning materials. Others say it can be used as a natural deodorizer. However, a new claim has been gaining buzz on the internet which state that baking soda may allegedly cause one to lose weight.

According to Health Ambition, baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a powdery alkaline substance which disrupts acid and acidic properties. The website noted that it has lots of different benefits which allegedly includes weight loss.

The people who claim this to be true say the soda helps regulate the blood’s pH levels – especially if it’s too acidic.  If your body’s pH level goes “out of control,” so to speak, the excess acid would be stored in fat cells. Apparently, bodies with high acidic content cannot burn fat because it would allegedly make you sick.

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The website debunked the above statements and said that the body’s pH level is tightly controlled in nature. Therefore, no substance such as a baking soda can quickly change the body’s pH levels. They added that it could affect the person’s urine, although it is just the body’s way to self-regulate itself.

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The report said:

“If you consume too much acid or base, your body will eliminate it in your urine. This doesn’t have much significance for overall health or weight loss.” 

Sodium bicarbonate may not really help in weight loss per se, but it could allegedly neutralize lactic acid that builds up during a person’s intense physical activity or a workout.

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The source also cited a study that was done by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, which indicated that baking soda may be used to counter the fatigue felt by the body after a high-intensity, aerobic cycling – among other activities.

Another study conducted by the same researchers also concluded that baking soda may allegedly help in a person’s training intensity and workouts. They tested their study on competitive male swimmers.

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The results of the studies prove that baking soda, if consumed before any intensive physical activity, could make a person last longer and work a bit harder in their exercises and performances.

In addition, baking soda was said to be included as an ingredient in sports drinks. The report noted:

“Can baking soda be used to make your own electrolyte drink? Yes, it’s is true. In fact the WHO (World Health Organisation) include baking soda in their official rehydration drink recipes.” 

They provided a link which proved that WHO includes baking soda in their official rehydration drink recipes. You can view it here.

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Remember to check a doctor or a health professional to see if baking soda can help you or not.

What do you think about this? Do you think baking soda could really make you lose weight? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below! 


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