Beautiful and Independent Netizen Slams Man Who Insulted Her Job then Asked Her Out on a Date

     3 months ago
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Always remember money only impress lazy girls. When a woman works hard a man with a money is a bonus not a ladder to upgrade. 

Independent women are the most attractive. It has been proven that men opt for women who are “mature,” single, well established, have great jobs, own their own home, are very independent and are very happy. When both sides of a couple are strong, independent, and happy, a relationship tends to last longer. But for lazy girls, men with money are the only ones who can attract them. And without that money, men lose their value.

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Facebook user Antonette Ojano knows this well, and chose to be independent. She works at a nail spa, working and making money on her own.

But when a foreigner approached her and had something to say about her job, this prompted her to raise awareness on Facebook: independent women are more attractive.

According to Ojano, a foreigner approached her and complimented her beauty. But what he said next irked her. He said, “Why is a pretty girl like you working in a nail spa?”

Ojano then reiterated on her Facebook post that ‘money only attracted lazy women’. Her job may not be as high-paying like other jobs out there, but she claims that she is happy with her status now. It didn’t matter if her job isn’t as good as others, but she is proud nevertheless. For her, that is the best job there is.

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She is beautiful inside out—and she is an independent woman!


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