Beautiful Bailiff Selflessly Breastfeeds the Defendant’s Hungry Baby in a People’s Court in China

     3 months ago
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Her mother was unable to feed her as she was facing trial.

Being a mother sure isn’t easy. It can be extra hard for breastfeeding moms as they have to attend to their child’s every need. A mom was on trial in China and had no choice but to bring her baby to court. However, as soon as the trial started, the baby cried in hunger. The trial couldn’t be postponed any further and the mother couldn’t do anything. Fortunately, a bailiff stepped in to save the day.

The bailiff of intermediate people’s court in Jinzhong city, North China’s Shanxi province, was apparently a new mom too. Hao Lina then took the defendant’s four-month-old baby and breastfed her.

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Many netizens were amazed by her selfless act, especially when she wasn’t related to the mother and child at all. The sweet and warm scene between Hao and her “daughter” was captured on a mobile phone. After the photo was posted on social media, it went viral in a short time and generated lively discussion.

Over 10,000 people left comments and around 100,000 liked the photo. Hao was highly praised and named “the most beautiful bailiff”.

When asked about feeding the baby, Ms Hao said she empathised with the defendant.

“I am a new mother who is in the lactation period. I felt the same way about the baby as her own mother would. I wanted to comfort her,” said Ms Hao.

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