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     3 months ago
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Beggars are usually perceived to be living a substandard and destitute lifestyle. They are seen on the streets panhandling, with no opportunities for jobs, no homes to go to, and sometimes, no food to eat.

In the Philippines, we see a lot of beggars around the metro. In the off chance that we do hand them a bit of spare change, we don;t expect it to be enough to sustain them for the long term.

However, this beggar in Beijing, China will shock you with how much he earns in a day! It may be an unexpected and unorthodox way to earn an income, but this man is definitely not complaining.

Believe it or not, this Chinese beggar earns about $1600 to $1700 per month just through panhandling.


There is no denying that this is a lot of money and can even rival the salaries of minimum wage workers. The Chinese beggar earns so much that he was able to send his three kids to college. The man was also able to build a two-story house for his family. It truly is amazing to know that being a beggar can give you this much money.

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Absolutely unbelievable.


The holidays are when he gets the most money from panhandling. In fact, he gets so much that he needs to seek the help of a nearby post office just so he can count the money. For their services, the beggar gives them 100 Yuan.

Some netizens said that they have missed their calling and wish that they could be like just this Chinese beggar. Some have even joked by saying that this will be their new job.


However, one question remains – how was the beggar able to get so much money just from panhandling? You would be shocked to know that there are some people whose job is professional begging.


The Salvation Army reported that they conducted a survey and interviewed 135 beggars. 9 out of the 135 were revealed to be involved in professional begging. Major Brendan Nottle of the Salvation Army said:

“We had one person indicate to us that he was raising in the vicinity of $300 to $400 a day or an evening and he was doing that on a regular basis. That was about six days a week, and so he saw that as a very profitable way of earning income.”


These professionals usually target women and international tourists. A number of bystanders have witnessed them hurt people who wouldn’t give them money. The Salvation Army is currently working with the police to identify and apprehend those who intimidate people into giving alms.

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What can you say about professional beggars? Do you think what they are doing is alright or should they contribute to society in more productive ways? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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