Blind Dog’s loses his ‘Eyes’ Once Again after His Duck Best Friend Was Killed by Cruel Humans

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The duck served as the blind dog’s “eyes”, and without the former, the blind dog once again lost his “sight.”

Friendship knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter what species you are in. Once you find someone you feel comfortable with—that is when it all starts. This dog and duck grew up together and became a unique pair. What most people don’t notice is that the dog is actually blind. But thanks to the duck, he can live a normal life.

The duck was always the dog’s guide towards food and everything else. The duck never left the dog’s side, and even served as his “eyes” wherever they went. The heart-warming friendship between the two even left other humans jealous, as they would always be together. Sadly, it is the cruelty of humans that ended that beautiful relationship.

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People soon noticed that a group of cruel kids would often throw stones at the pair. Sadly, no one stopped them from doing so. One day, the lifeless duck was found on a pile of garbage. The dog refused to leave the duck’s side, as he didn’t know what to do without his best friend.

Friendship and love last even after death. For humans, it is hard to move on knowing that people who pass away could never return. It is heart-breaking to see a person mourn for someone s/he loves. Seeing a dog exercise these emotions is more heart-breaking as the dog cannot even do anything to express how they feel.

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