Boyfriend Gains Praise after Trading His Shoes for His Girlfriend’s Heels after Seeing Her in Pain

     2 months ago
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Not every man can—or will do this!

Women definitely look fabulous in heels. Heels often go with anything: jeans, dresses, and even shorts. But as women dress to their fullest, they often get sidelined after quite some time because of throbbing pain. Yes, looking fabulous can be painful. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would offer comfort?

On the fifth floor of Xinqiao Hospital in Shapingba District, Chongqing in Southern China, a man was caught on cam wearing high heels. While this may look funny to some, the story behind his actions will definitely warm your heart.

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Apparently, his girlfriend has been wearing those heels for quite some time and is in pain. To help ease the pain, the man offered his comfortable shoes in exchange for his girlfriend’s heels. It didn’t matter if he looked funny or weird to others—as long as his girlfriend was comfortable as she can be.

The photos, taken by a woman surnamed Xie, were then uploaded to social media. The post went viral overnight, making the man an instant internet sensation without him even knowing it!

Netizens recalled similar experiences. According to Sohu News, one wrote:

“I remember a time when my mom became sick and my dad had to rush her to the hospital. He waited for her condition to stabilize and later let her wear his shoes. He was barefoot when they got out of the taxi.”

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Men should learn a thing or two from this guy!


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