Brave Dog Saves Elderly Couple From Poisonous Cobra in India

     2 months ago
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Cobras are one of the deadliest snakes on earth. It is vicious, unforgiving, and very much ready to kill when provoked or triggered at the slightest. There are lots of species that fall under their kingdom but all of them are venomous in nature. In Kelara, India, an elderly couple almost lost their lives after a cobra attacked them inside their own house.

According to the report of The Indian ExpressNangelil Gangadharan and his wife Vimala heard their dog Mouli barking repeatedly and in an unusual manner.

When Gangadharan approached the dog to see what was the commotion, the old man saw the three-year-old dachshund face to face with a five-foot-long cobra.

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The source said that Mouli fought off the cobra for around 30 minutes. The reptile had slithered into their residence in an unassuming manner. Fortunately, the couple had Mouli as their guardian. Mouli sadly lost his life after the battle with the cobra.

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In an additional report from NTD Television, the local police were informed of the situation when Mouli and the cobra fought each other. By the time they arrived on the scene, the dog was already dead.

They found out that he sustained lots of venomous bites from the cobra. The couple only had Mouli for their companion.

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Gangadharan is a retired government official who adopted the dog three years ago when he was just one-month-old. He and Vimala have resided in Perumbavur with Mouli as their sole guardian.

Meanwhile, the dog’s heroic act didn’t go unnoticed. Several netizens commended his bravery and said the following:

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