Brave Heartbroken Girl Gives Her Boyfriend His Freedom and Accepts Break-Up

     2 weeks ago
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Freedom is not easy to give especially if it’s being asked by someone you love but used to love you. How do you give way to someone you love to be with somebody else? But a heartbroken girl named Aika Ellao did her best. Because as horrible as it might feel, sometimes to love is to let go.

This heartbroken girl shares her story on Facebook. Maybe she decided to do this to let those who keep asking her about her relationship with the man know that they aren’t together anymore. Aika, in her post, speaks to her ex-boyfriend. She asks why this separation happened so suddenly and why did he leave her so blindsided.





It seemed as though he had just said “I love you” and then the next day, he asked for space. One day after that, he wanted to break up with her. This kind of experience would definitely make someone ask what they did wrong, what was so wrong that he wanted her gone.

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Reasons such as “Hindi ka ready ka sa commitment” and “Ayaw mo ng attached sayo” were confusing to her. Aika says that she wishes that her ex-boyfriend didn’t make such pleasant promises, that they shouldn’t have dreamt of a future together, or that she wasn’t the one he chose before. All of these were broken in such a short time.


The man changed passwords, changed accounts, and deleted pictures. It was as if Aika was never in his life. She felt as though she did something really horrible to him to deserve this kind of reaction. But taking the high road, being the brave girl that she was, she gave way.


Dedicating a small part to the new girl, all Aika wished was that she take care of the man. Aika took time and effort to care and love this man so the new girl should too. She also advised her to stay strong for the both of them, as awkward as that may be.

“I just want you to know how much i love him and how much i take good care of him when he’s mine, and now that he’s yours, please pakialagaan ang mahal ko. wag mo sya pababayaan. “



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Because of her love, Aika knows that it would be better to let him go and do the things that would make him happy. To be with the one that makes him happy, even if it’s not her anymore.

“ilysm kaya di ko ipagkakait sayo kung saan at kanino ka magiging masaya. Siguro hanggang dito na lang talaga, Maraming salamat sa lahat , Paalam na mahal ko. MAHAL KITA KAYA HANDA NA AKONG MAGPARAYA.”







Do you think that you would have reacted the same way this girl did? Would you have given your partner freedom despite the pain of the break-up? What can you say to encourage this girl? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!


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