BREAKING: Letter of Loida Lewis to President Duterte

     7 months ago

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Dear President Duterte,

Since you have wrongfully accused me in public as a “funder” of plots against you, please allow me to respond with facts, just as I have already responded to Sec. Jess Dureza last December.

1. I am NOT FUNDING nor am I part of ANY PLOT TO OUST YOU or destabilize the Philippine government. In fact, I have stayed silent on political issues these past months, despite the many lies being peddled by your online trolls against me, and the death threats I have received on my social media accounts.

2. I am now concerned mostly about the WEST PHILIPPINE SEA issue with China. You know that we have worked long and hard for international recognition of Philippine Sovereignty on our Exclusive Economic Zone, which includes Scarborough Shoal and Kalayaan Islands. So much has been done, and we have WON THE ITLOS case against China, so we must continue to assert our rights, and protect our territory, our soil, our oil.

3. The Marcos clan has more influence, power and money than me. They have the $10 Billion wealth stolen from the Filipino people to influence peoples’ minds against duly elected officials. While I am flattered that you think I can influence NY Times and other media outlets, it is simply not true. NY Times is an institution older than many of us. I do not work for them, and they are not beholden to anyone.

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Thank you, President Duterte, for your time. It is my earnest prayer that with fairness, justice and righteousness, we will all learn to work together to lift up and establish our beloved nation and our people.

Dios mabalos,
Loida Nicolas Lewis

BREAKING: Letter of Loida Lewis to President Duterte
BREAKING: Letter of Loida Lewis to President Duterte
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April 28, 2017

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