Canine Mum Risks Her Life to save her Pups from a Fire and brings them to the Firetruck One-by-one

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Unfortunately, one pup called Amparo didn’t make it.

Maternal instinct in humans is just the same in dogs. Canine mothers would do anything to keep their pups safe, even if it means they have to risk their lives in doing so. Mother Nature has prepared female dogs to be moms, so there’s no need for training before a litter arrives. Like humans, canine mums would also risk their lives just to keep their offspring safe.

A fire broke out at a home in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, after a car bomb went off. Inside the burning home was a German Shepherd mix called Amanda, and her 5 new pups. As soon as the fire truck pulled over, Amanda brought her puppies out one-by-one. She knew it was dangerous, but she risked her life nevertheless.

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She picked up each pup and carried them in her mouth, before putting them down inside the truck for safety. She then went back and forth, carrying each pup every time. After rescuing all of her pups from the blaze, Amanda sat down next to them, protecting them with her body as the firefighters fought the blaze.


When firefighters tried to take the pups away to check them out, Amanda became aggressive and defended her pups. Concerned about the pups’ health, the firefighters decided to bring them to a vet for check-up.

The vet, Felipe Lara tried her best in saving all pups. Sadly, one puppy called Amparo, who had suffered severe burns, died. Four of her pups are all safe and doing well.

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The pictures first appeared on online social board reddit and soon went viral.


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