Carlos Celdran who claimed Duterte’s in a coma is double-shamed

     4 months ago
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Performer, tour guide, and previously imprisoned for his Damaso act, Carlos Celdran’s private thread about President Rodrigo Duterte’s coma was caught red-handed by The Asian Policy and published on their website.

The Asian Policy article slighted Celdran and his cohorts for adding on to the coma theory to support Duterte’s lack of publicities recently.

The article called Celdran the “jerkiest Dilawan Troll” and the “douchiest scumbag” for posting a question about Duterte being in a coma.

Celdran hit back by citing The Asian Policy article and sarcastically thanking it for the attention it gave him.

Haha. OMG. Thank you for the attention, random blog. But it’s been a year already since your tactics fooled and bullied my countrymen, family, and friends into backing the Fentanyl Phantom,” Celdran said in his post, “same old death threats. Same old fake news. Same old paid bloggers. It’s BORING already. Meanwhile, dear 16 million, the MRT still sucks and we’re still poor. Is change here yet?

A netizen was quick to rebut Celdran on his reaction against The Asian Policy.

Bryan Ng Co broke down Celdran’s statements and gave each a retort that shamed the performer and tour guide once again.

Co questioned Celdran’s claims of “tactics” that “fooled and bullied” the Filipinos by asking what Duterte did to fool and bully the Filipinos.

Co even justified the bullying of Celdran’s friends and families because of their association with the latter.

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Celdran complained of the “same old fake news”, but Co argued that both sides have been “guilty” of creating or proliferating unverified information. To add to the insult, Co even pointed out that Celdran’s private thread about Duterte’s comatose was fake news in itself.

As for the MRT issue Celdran raised, Co argued that the irregularities and inefficacies with the MRT was brought about by the Yellow Aquino administration that sworn into contract with an unreliable maintenance provider and faulty Dalian coaches.

In his full post on Facebook, Co said,

“…tactics fooled and bullied my countrymen, family and friends into backing the Fentanyl Phantom”

– Unless you’ve got your head stuck up your butt, which tactics did the president use to fool and bully Filipinos? 

As to your friends and family, well, they deserve to be bullied for having a family and a friend like you.

“Same old fake news”

– Both sides are guilty of that. You don’t get to stand on a morally ascendant ground to cast that kind of judgment. Didn’t you assume and spread the news that the president is already comatosed? How truthful and responsible was that?

“Same old paid bloggers”

– Have you got proof of this or did this also come from the same credible mouth that issued the fakery of the president’s coma?


“MRT still sucks and we’re still poor”

– The last time I checked, it was Pnoy who spent the past 6 years rehabilitating the MRT and whose 3.8 billion pesos in new train coaches cannot be used because the wheelbase were too wide for the existing rails! (What kind of moron orders coaches without ascertaining their compatibility with the existing rails?)

– It is good that you bring up the issue of poverty. This really exposes the shallowness of your mind. Aquino bragged about the success of his poverty alleviation for 6 years. You didn’t see that as a failure but you think Duterte’s one-year — close on the heel of that nincompoop — is more responsible? The only way to render a population of 100 million rich in a short span of one year is to have everyone win the lottery. Where did you learn your economics? At PAGCOR?


“Is change here yet?”

– Your one-liners no longer work. That is a start.


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