Catfight Ensues after a Woman Confronted another for Having an Affair with Her Boyfriend

     2 months ago
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Where is the man responsible for this mess?

Studies show that some women secretly love it when men fight over them. But for men, two women fighting over them means war. Well, it is true that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

In the video shared by Rilek1Corner, the two women could be seen locked in a tussle and pulling each other’s hair, much to the bewilderment of passers-by. Apparently, the attacker claimed that the other woman was in an affair with her boyfriend. Instead of talking it out, the two decided to let their fists do the talking.

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The woman in red could be heard shouting: “You f**k with my boyfriend, you slut!”

While others simple watched in shock, two men in black decided to step in and tried to break up the fight. Though they were momentarily separated, the woman in red continued to shout profanity at the woman in pink, who laid flat on the ground.

The woman in red approached her adversary as she shouted, and had to be restrained by one of the men.

Before walking off, she could be heard shouting, “F**k you!’

It is unclear where and when the incident happened.

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However, always remember that fighting over a man is a losing battle for every woman involved, even the one that eventually gets him—because a cheater will always be a cheater.


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