Caught on Camera: CCTV Footage Reveals Ghost Disturbance in Old School

     2 weeks ago
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We have this unshakeable belief that ghosts haunt old buildings. Residents tell spooky tales of ghastly sightings, strange noises, with gusts of cold air. Just like this school in Ireland that reportedly captured an unseen ghost acting very much like a teenager on CCTV – banging lockers, throwing things, and kicking signs.

The spooky footage was taken from the motion-activated cameras of Deerpark CBS in Ireland, few days before a Halloween event in the school. According to Principal Kevin Barry, the educational institution was established sometime in the 1800s, making it very old.

Barry was immediately alerted when the cameras picked up unusual movement in the school’s corridors. Thinking there was a break-in, he went back to review the footage.

What he saw was something reminiscent of the horror movie, Paranormal Activity.

The footage of the dark and empty hallway was unremarkable at first.


A few seconds in, a column of lockers began to furiously rock back and forth. Then, it stopped.

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But one locker suddenly swung open, as papers were strewn to the floor.


They thought it was over, until the ghost directed its efforts in kicking the wet floor warning. That, or it could’ve slipped.


Principal Barry was fast enough to say that he’s skeptical about the eerie footage, assuming that it was a well-elaborated prank to scare off students.

“I’m a sceptic myself but we said we’d throw it up on our Facebook page, simply because we don’t know is this a prank or what? Is somebody playing games with us?” he said.

He continued: “We’d often come across papers strewn about but we were never able to say what it was, we just assumed it was students that were doing it.” Why do principals always assume the worst of their students? What if it was the prankster ghost that really did it?

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Most of us are no ghost busters, and others might be a little freaked out by these things. But these netizens don’t believe the footage was real. The online sleuths pointed out various things, such as the CCTV having clear sound, and the disturbances happening only on one side. They also made jokes about how the ghost slipped on the wet floors, because it didn’t see the warning sign.


Watch the spooky CCTV footage here, if you’re brave enough:

Take these videos with a grain of salt, which by the way, is also good for warding off ghosts.

What could you say about these videos? Do you think they’re real or fake? Have you seen something similar? Let us know in the comments section below!




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