Check out Cherie Gil’s Touching Message to Her Son on His Birthday

     2 weeks ago
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Cherie Gil is known for her antagonistic roles onscreen. This is not a surprise since she has the looks for it — piercing, icy eyes and a regal look that could only be reserved for strong-willed and manipulative types of people on shows.

However, outside that intimidating veneer of hers is a very loving and warm mother. That’s right, Cherie Gil is also a mother in real life. She’s the mother of Raphael, Bianca, and Jay – three children who have evidently inherited her good looks.

Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff – or Raphael – is the most recognizable among them because of his handsome appearance.

According to Inquirer Preen, he is the son of Cherie Gil with Rony Rogoff, her former husband. Rony is an Israeli so that makes Raphael half-Israeli (from his dad’s blood) and half-Filipino (from Cherie’s blood).

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via instagram/raphrogoff
via instagram/raphrogoff
via instagram/raphrogoff

Recently, the young man celebrated his birthday and as expected, Cherie Gil greeted him in the most loving and touching manner.

According to ABS-CBN Push, Raphael turned 20-years-old two days ago as of press time. The actress shared a picture of them lovingly captioned with the following excerpt:

“20 years ago today, this beautiful boy was born into our family and into our world.” 

via instagram/macherieamour

As of this writing, the above picture has garnered 7,391 likes. Netizens also greeted her son through the comments section and expressed their congratulations.

The source also gathered some of their most precious bonding moments captured. Here are some:

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via instagram/raphrogoff

Below is an excerpt of the picture’s caption above:

“Sweet dreams and sunsets are made of these.” 

via instagram/raphrogoff

That one captured the three bonding over Cherie’s birthday. Raphael sweetly captioned it with the following excerpt:

“Happy birthday to one of the best Momma’s the world has to offer!” 

via instagram/raphrogoff
via instagram/macherieamour
via instagram/raphrogoff
via instagram/macherieamour

Aww, look at them share such a moment!

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