Chinese Professor under Fire after He and His Wife were Caught Beating up a Street Cleaner

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Apparently, the street cleaner stopped her vehicle to gather trash, blocking the couple’s pathway for a moment.

Teachers and professors are probably the most revered and respected professionals in the world. Without them, other professions would be virtually non-existent. However, there have been accounts when teachers were caught abusing students, acting out of character, and doing things deemed illegal in many countries.

Yet another professor has tarnished the names of many professors out there, after he was caught beating up a female street cleaner for a very simple reason: her vehicle was blocking theirs. The professor, named Ge, together with a female relative, got off their vehicle to scold the woman, who had her rubbish truck in front of them. Apparently, the woman stopped for a while to collect garbage.


Said the netizen:

“I was resting at home when I heard weeping outside my window.

“I thought it was a child being scolded by their parents but it grew louder and didn’t sound like a child.

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“So, I walked over to my window to check it out.

“That was when I saw a female street cleaner slowly getting up from the garbage pile on the floor.”

They beat up the woman until she bled and they even refused to back down. According to the netizen, Ge’s female companion was shoving the worker while screaming at her:

“How much money do I make?

“How much money do you make?

“Do you know you’re now keeping me from making money?”

That was when the netizen realized the couple’s actions were too much, and stepped in to defend the hapless street cleaner.

He shouted at the couple:

“You’re bullying a sanitation worker, don’t you have any shame?”

As soon as the netizen stepped in, other locals and passersby began to gather around them, with many people criticizing the couple. It was then the Ge realised that there were witnesses and he and his companion attempted to escape. His escape plans were foiled by several neighbours who had been drawn to the commotion.  At this point, Ge even tried justifying his actions, putting the blame on the cleaner.

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He shouted: “She allowed me to beat her!”

The netizen decided to lodge a police report but was stopped by a man at the station who claimed to be an assistant of Ge.

The man then claimed that the assailant just came home from overseas, and was unfamiliar to local’s customs. The netizen then found out that Ge was a professor at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

Though he was stopped from lodging a report against Ge, he believes the latter needs to be punished so that he will learn his lesson. The netizen and other witnesses tracked the professor down and headed to Shaanxi University to report him. However, they found out that Ge had already been suspended.

Since the incident was brought to light, Ge has written a letter of apology which was posted on Shaanxi University’s official Weibo account.


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