Couple Caught on CCTV Engaging in Lewd and Sexual Acts along a Bar/Club Staircase

     3 months ago
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Warning: the following images or content may be disturbing or uncomfortable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

It is no secret that many couples love to indulge in frisky behaviour while out and about. Sometimes it is planned, a box ticked on someone’s sex bucket list (or general bucket list). And sometimes people just get so wound up they can’t wait until they get home for a bit of hanky-panky leading to some very weird places people have been caught having sex.

However, it is best to engage in sexual activities in private, or where people seldom go. Because though this kind of lewd act has been quite common for decades, it is never acceptable to many people.

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This couple was seen getting steamy along a staircase believed to be inside a bar or club, based on the music heard in the background. The couple, thinking they are away from prying eyes, didn’t realize that there were a couple of CCTV cameras installed around the area.

The woman was wearing nothing on her lower body, while the man had his hand on her crotch. A few moments later, the man cannot hold his heat, and decided to go all the way.

Though the video was widely circulated on Chinese social media and on Facebook, the location of the bar/club has not been pinpointed yet, and the couple remain unnamed.

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