Couple Was Brokenhearted When Their Baby Was Born Dead But 8 Minutes Later a Miracle Happened

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The improvements and advancements in the field of medicine can only grow through the years. Many lives were saved because of the new methods doctors use. Just like a baby who was born when she was just five months. It’s still hard to believe that this little miracle survived and has now grown up into a healthy young girl.

Couple Bex and Martin were delighted when they knew they were expecting a child. In fact, they could barely contain their excitement. Things were going smoothly with the soon-to-be mother’s pregnancy. However, something they didn’t see coming almost made them lose hope.

A doctor’s visit completely changed their lives. The couple discovered that their baby had problems with her heart. Unfortunately, an emergency cesarean section had to be done to save the premature infant’s life.

Sadly, when the baby was taken out of Bex womb, it was not breathing. After a few moments, the mother realized that she hadn’t heard the sound of her child’s cry. Instantly, she knew that something was not right. She panicked when she discovered her daughter was dead.

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Just when the mother was about to give up, an unexpected thing happened.

Doctors did an electro-shock treatment which recovered the baby. She was then brought to intensive care. Bex named her daughter Willow.


The baby underwent ‘brain hypothermia’ also called ‘cooling therapy’ where she was rested in an incubator. Doctors dropped her body temperature to 91.4°F. This is to ensure that Willow will not suffer any permanent brain damage from the absence of oxygen.


Willow was treated for four days where her parents were not allowed to touch her. Despite that, the parents stayed with their baby who eventually became stronger.


“She didn’t cry for four weeks. Because she had so many tubes and they hurt her throat, she didn’t know how to cry. It’s strange, but all we wanted was to hear our baby cry,” Bex recalled.


Four days later her temperature became stable and there was no harm done to her brain.

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The little girl is now more than a year old and is living a healthy and normal life. She has not been having any problems with her health.


“She has just been amazing in her recovery. We have been told there is still a risk that she could suffer developmental issues, but so far she is perfectly fine. Now she’s just a perfectly healthy baby,” Willow’s dad shared.


The parents couldn’t be happier that their child was saved. It’s really mind-blowing what modern medicine can do.

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