Distressed OFW Victims of Human Trafficking Return Home Safely

     2 months ago
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Being countries away from your family must be really hard to endure but OFWs still strive  to work hard each and every day just so they can provide a better life to their respective families. Aside from the sadness and loneliness they must be feeling, there are also others who endure different types of abuse from their employers.

This year alone, it was assumed that a total of 545 Filipino workers were rescued and have arriving back in our country since May. The government has exerted their best efforts to rescue our OFWs and make sure that they arrive home safely to their families who are excited for their return.

via dfa.gov.ph


via dfa.gov.ph


On the 18th and 19th of September, there were 79 distressed OFWs that were returned to our country and 51 more from Dubai came home via Etihad Airways. The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed their arrival and among them were those holding tourist visas and others were victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment.

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With the rise of human trafficking and illegal recruitment in our country, the Philippine government is expecting it to be lessened after the Philippine Embassy signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Labor Cooperation and Law of Domestic Workers and is expected to take effect this November.

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The Memorandum states that the participating countries agreed on the following;

– Regulation of the deployment of labor;

– Preservation, promotion, and development of workers’ welfare in accordance with existing laws;

– Exchange of information and continuing studies in the area of labor; and

– Other technical and human resource development corporation.

Our fellow OFW countrymen also expect that their welfare will be closely monitored to minimize unfortunate incidents while working abroad if it cannot be totally avoided. Some of our fellow Filipinos recently showed their opinions by posting their comments to the post made by the DFA.

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These OFWs can now finally spend time with their loved ones and rebuild their lives after they were taken advantage of and coerced into illegal labor.


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