DJ Raqi Terra Reads the ‘Secret File’: “May secret affair kami ng officemate ko.”

     2 months ago
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In the recent episode of Yes FM’s Secret Files,’ DJ Raqi Terra read out a senstational confession sent by a man named Mike.

According to the letter, Mike is working at a government office. He said he was aiming for a higher position which he eventually acquired after recently passing the Civil Engineering Board Exam.

Mike also has a girlfriend of five years named Denise, an Information Technology (IT) graduate. She manages a computer shop. Also, the sender said he is already preparing and saving up for their future. He plans to propose to Denise by next year.


But things went downhill when Annie, his colleague, entered his life. Annie was the daughter of the head of the Human Resource department. Mike described her as pretty and intimidating at first, but eventually, he discovered that she’s different from his initial impression.

Mike and Annie worked on a project together. This was when he found out that she was also easy to get along with, smart, and witty. They became closer soon after. They started having lunch together and Annie often takes him home as she has a car.

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He shared that although he feels guilty for not saying anything to Denise about his relationship with Annie, he couldn’t avoid Annie because they work in the same office. One night, their boss threw his birthday party in Batangas. Their officemates kept on teasing them that they should be together as they have the same career. But Mike kept on telling them that he’s already taken.

Annie then jested, “Mag-asawa nga naghihiwalay eh, mag-boyfriend pa kaya?” She then let out a laugh. Mike just also laughed it off.

They called it a night and headed to their rooms. Mike was already asleep when someone knocked on the door. He got up and was surprised to see Annie standing there. She said she wanted to borrow a phone charger, but then she sat on Mike’s bed and invited him to talk for a while. He was drowsy and a little tipsy, but he went with it.

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Annie did the first move…and Mike allowed the unforgivable thing to happen. This happened repeatedly. They did it in her condo and in her office, and even took pictures while doing the deed.

Mike’s guilt and conscience haunted him, and it grew bigger and bigger every time they are together. He attempted to avoid Annie at all cost, but she has their photos together and he even threatened to ruin his career if he leaves her. Annie also told him that his vocation will prosper if he chooses to be with her.


Now, Mike is left distraught and feeling some remorse.

DJ Raqi then gave her two cents to the sender:

“Lahat tayo may abilidad na mamili between a few minutes of pleasure or a lifetime of pain.”

What can you say about this story? What do you think should Mike do? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions below!


SOURCE: Yes The Best Manila


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