Dog-Loving Bride Gets Puppies Instead of Flowers on Her Wedding Day—and they’re adorable!

     3 months ago
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This is a good idea for many engaged couples out there!

Every woman wants her wedding day to be extra special. All preparations including the bride’s bouquet is handled by wedding planners to make every little detail extra special. But this bride never had flowers in mind. To raise awareness of dog rescue efforts, she replaced her bridal party’s bouquets with puppies, meaning her wedding photos would be totally adorable!

Samantha Clark from Iowa and her bridesmaids held tiny Chiweenie dogs instead of flowers to highlight the work of a local pet rescue centre that has been providing extra care for animals stranded by Hurricane Harvey.

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Samantha’s husband Kendel was sceptical at first. He was worried that the puppies might get loud and rowdy and ultimately destroy the wedding. But the puppies behaved so well it was as if they knew what they had to do.

“They were a huge hit. The bridesmaids were ecstatic to hold them down the aisle. It all flowed very perfectly,” Sam told Inside Edition. “They were the best, well-behaved puppies I’ve dealt with.”

The shelter, A Heinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, said they were delighted with Sam’s efforts to raise awareness of their work, and trusted her to make sure that when it came to throwing the bouquet the ‘two hands’ rule was strictly followed.

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