Dog Rescued from South Korean Meat Farm Sleeps While Standing Up and Refuses to Lie on Her Bed

     2 months ago
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Apparently, she was used to sleeping in that manner inside a cramped cage.

It a sad fact that many dogs are dying around the world. While some die in the streets after being abandoned, some dogs are deliberately raised and killed for their meat. In some Asian countries, particularly in China and South Korea, dog meat is a delicacy that many locals love to eat. Because of this, dogs are raised and fed well, only to be tortured and slaughtered later.

Thankfully, many animal rights groups spend time and money to rescue these poor dogs. A team from Humane Society International (HSI) rescued several dogs from dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, and were put on a plane to San Francisco to start a new life in the U.S.


“They did have shelter from the elements, but they didn’t have anything on the sides to keep out the wind and the snow,” Nash McCutchen, marketing coordinator for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, told The Dodo. “They had no soft bedding. All crammed in there. They were basically living in their own filth. Food was thrown in to fatten them up.”

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Dogs were apparently tortured before they were killed for their meat. “They’re tortured, and they aren’t always dead when they skin them,” McCutchen added. “It’s a terrible existence.”

One particular dog, a three-year-old Korean Jindo named Harriet, had one of the most traumatic experiences in the said meat farm. Along with 200 other dogs, Harriet was forced into a cramped cage while in the farm. With this at hand, Harriet was used to sleeping while standing.

“When she first got here, she was pretty despondent and aloof,” McCutchen said. “She was interested in humans in that she would look at us, but she didn’t initiate any interaction, and she didn’t seem to want any interaction for the first several days.”

One day, Leslie Menichino, the shelter’s volunteer manager, brought Harriet into the office area to get her away from the stress of the kennel. She laid a blanket for the dog to sleep in, but Harriet just stood there.

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“She just stood in the middle of the office on the blanket that I had laid down,” Menichino said. “After a short while I saw her starting to doze off standing up. That is when I grabbed my phone and started filming.”

Harriet continued to sleep standing up until Menichino helped her lie down on the fuzzy blanket, which acted as Harriet’s very first dog bed.

“We think that when she was on the farm, they were all so tightly packed in that they’d fall asleep standing up, and the others would hold them up,” McCutchen explained.

Thankfully, Harriet is slowly adapting to her new happy life. She now sleeps in a soft warm bed, while being taken care of people who truly love her.


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