Duterte Defends Source of Family’s Wealth

     3 months ago
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MANILA, Philippines – To clear the corrupt allegations against his family, President Rodrigo Duterte offered a glimpse of where his and his family’s source of wealth came from, last Friday, over dinner with the reporters.

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He said that together with his siblings, they sold off pieces of real estate property that they have inherited from their parents.

“We siblings quarreled over (some pieces of property). So I said, sell,” Mr. Duterte said.

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Aside from the inheritance, he also has a stable job as a lawyer back then and while studying, he already had about $3 million in which he did not disclose where it came from. He said he felt disgust to be accused of being corrupt without basis because his oppressors can easily check the money that his family earned by selling their inherited real estate properties.

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Below is the list of the inheritance that they received from their parents;

  • Ulas Land
  • Piece of land near an Ice plant village in Dumoy
  • Family-owned land in Carriedo
  • Logging Business in Davao

He and his siblings decided to sell the mentioned properties above because they are quarreling over it.

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via philstar.com

“So when we divided (proceeds from the sale), we had our first millions already,” Mr. Duterte said.

He added that all the money that they earned from selling those properties were deposited to Insular Bank of Asia. Then he challenged his critics to start from the real estate deals if they really want to know where his wealth came from.

Mr. Duterte was also hoping that some people would be enlightened by his statement and repeated his promise that he will step down from his position if he had ill-gotten funds.

“I am telling you, you show any bank account, foreign (or otherwise) and I will step down tomorrow. I will do that. I am telling you the truth, you are all witnesses to my career,” the President said.

Regarding his bank account with UnionBank, he stated that he only has 500,000 Php or below. He also hopes that Trillanes will consider looking at.

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The President also claimed that Trillanes avoided banking red flags by depositing lower amounts than the ceiling to avoid raising an alarm for laundering. He also claimed that Trillanes knew the identity of the senator’s source’s account details.

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