Elderly Couple Makes Chilli Paste for Days for Their Six Children—of Which None Came!

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This is just one of the sad stories old parents are experiencing today.

There is no love like that of a parent to his/her child. Every parent would do anything to make sure their children are safe and happy—even if it’ll cost them their own happiness and safety. Though parents do not ask for anything in return, it is a given that every child should take care of their parents when they grow old and weary.

Sadly, many people today are too busy with their own lives that they tend to forget about the people who raised them. While some people are too busy with work, there are those who simply choose to cut ties.

However, this elderly couple from Shanxi, China were hopeful that they will get to spend time with their six children during the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival (also known as Moon Festival). This is the time when many Chinese families spend reunions with loved ones. Since all of their children specifically loved the chilli paste they made, they thought that it would be the best gifts for their children.

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Making the paste was an arduous task—especially for the old couple. Still, 71-year-old Lee and his wife Zhang were set on making the paste, knowing all the hard work will be worth it once they see their children’s faces.

Using the stone mill in the village, Lee has been pushing on it to prepare the chili paste for days. He took turns with his wife who also added salt and garlic to the delicious chili paste.

“Our children will return in two days’ time, and they’ll be looking forward to this chilli sauce. We better get going with the grinding,” Lee happily told his neighbors when they tried to make him stop.

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But as soon as they finished the paste and put them in bottles, a WeChat message came that broke their hearts. Apparently, all of their six children were busy working, and informed the couple that none of them could come.

Lee broke into tears upon hearing the news, while Zhang went about her day, pretending to be okay. Apparently, she didn’t want to make her children feel guilty about not being able to come.

The next day, the couple didn’t celebrate the festival but went to the fields to work. When asked, they said they wanted to earn enough money so they can help reduce their children’s burden so they can come home for the family reunion dinner for Chinese New Year.


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