Engineers Developed a Stretchy Glue That Allegedly Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds

     2 months ago
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “glue?” Paper, scissors and art, right? Maybe, even a school project. But did you know that engineers have created a special kind of glue that could allegedly seal wounds within the span of 60 seconds? They call it the “stretchy glue.”

According to Daily Mail, this sort of stretchy glue was developed by biomedical engineers in Australia and the United States. It’s actually a surgical glue that can be used to heal wounds very quickly.

The stretchy glue, called the “MeTro,” is injectable and made from a “naturally occurring protein called tropoelastin.” The source cited that it can be directly applied to a wound.

It needs a UV light for it to be fully activated. If applied on the skin, the glue forms a complete seal, which thoroughly eliminates the need for staples and stitches in surgical operations.

via YouTube/The University of Sydney
via YouTube/The University of Sydney
via YouTube/The University of Sydney
via YouTube/The University of Sydney

The glue is very elastic because it was designed to work well with “shape-changing internal organs like the lungs and the heart.” It may also potentially reduce the wound recovery time in a fast, dramatic manner.

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Professor Nasim Annabi of the Department of Chemical Engineering in Northeastern University said:

“The beauty of the MeTro formulation is that, as soon as it comes in contact with tissue surfaces, it solidifies into a gel-like phase without running away.” 

via YouTube/The University of Sydney
via YouTube/The University of Sydney

The source mentioned that a study has been done in the journal of Science Translational Medicine which showed the glue successfully sealing the incisions in the arteries and lungs of rats and pigs.

The report stated:

“MeTro combines the natural elastic protein technologies developed in collaboration with Professor Anthony Weiss, a biochemist at the University of Sydney, with light sensitive molecules developed in collaboration with Biomaterials Research director at Harvard Medical School, Professor Ali Khademhosseini.” 

According to Professor Weiss, the stretchy glue is like a silicone sealant that is usually used in repairing bathroom and kitchen tiles. He said:

“When you watch MeTro, you can see it act like a liquid, filling the gaps and conforming to the shape of the wound.” 

He admitted that further research is still needed since they have yet to conduct clinical testing on human skin. However, the professor said that he is very optimistic about the findings of the study. Currently, we have to wait until it is deemed available “within the next three years.”

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Watch the video about it, as uploaded by the official YouTube channel of The University of Sydney:

What do you think about this supposedly revolutionary sticky glue? Do you think it can really heal and close wounds within seconds? Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! 


SOURCE: Daily Mail


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