Erwin Tulfo got schooled by veteran journalist Ed Lingao

     6 months ago

Radio broadcaster Erwin Tulfo got schooled by veteran journalist Ed Lingao after the former threw a colorful tirade of insults and cuss words at Senator Risa Hontiveros for expressing support for Maute terrorist group only to find out it was fake news.

Lingao noted that Tulfo never even apologized for his insults nor retracted his statements. The radio announcer even kept justifying his statements by mentioning that he watched Hontiveros’ video.

Tulfo’s antics concerned Lingao deeply as it signals a change happening to professional journalism.

The fact that Tulfo cussed repeatedly is a clear violation of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) code of ethics. But more alarmingly is Tulfo’s long-drawn reaction to fake news.

Lingao emphasized how Tulfo’s whole one –hour commentary centered on Hontiveros’ alleged support for Maute, which was later revealed as fake news.

The veteran journalist explained that the senator never meant to show support to the terrorist group and even labelled them as exactly that.

Lingao also quoted Tulfo’s explanation of his censor-worthy tirade on an issue that turned out to be fake.

In his full post on Facebook, Lingao said,

“This would make a fascinating case study for media students, journalism teachers, corporate and independent media agencies, and media regulatory associations like the KBP.

A week ago, June 8, a media colleague went on a long radio and FB live rampage against a senator that involved quite a lot of colorful cussing and swearing (he begins warming up at around 32:30, continuing with his cussing on FB live while the radio program went into a commercial gap). The rampage involved a lot of putang ina, sonafabitch, punyeta, lintik, what the fuck, etc The radio/FB live episode is attached. The audio and video have gone off-synch, probably because of the recording codec. But it is the video posted by the radio commentator.

The reason for the tirade? The senator supposedly said that the Maute group should be an inspiration for all of us because they are the epitome of courage and resilience. This was supposedly said during an interview with UNTV.

The broadcast content in itself should raise a lot of objections from media watchdog groups, since newsmen, and even radio commentators, are not supposed to use foul language no matter how much they disagree with opinions. (Then again, this has been happening for some time) This much is clear in the KBP code of ethics.

But to complicate things even more, it turns out that the radio anchor was reacting to fake news. Yes, fake news! The anchor insisted that he verified the story after watching (napanood) a transcript of the interview. Since no one really watches transcripts, there is a strong possibility that he saw a fake meme with a fake quote.

The senator who was the target of his tirade never said that the Maute group was the epitome of courage and resilience. I watched the entire one hour UNTV episode that was supposed to be the reason for the tirade, and nowhere was any support for the Maute indicated by the subject of the tirade. The senator even clearly branded the Maute group as a terrorist organization that should be stamped out, and said she supported the military offensive against the group. Apparently, quite a lot of people fell for many of the fake memes and “quotes” that came out after that interview – colleagues included.

What the senator wanted to do was raise questions on whether what they did constituted invasion or rebellion. That, in part, was the subject of the radio anchor’s tirade. However, the juiciest cuss words were reserved for her supposed support for the Maute group.

So the anchor goes on a long tirade, until, at part 40:30, a researcher or production assistant tells him that the senator had reacted on her FB by saying that this was fake news. To this, the anchor tells the viewers that the senator had retracted her statements (“Binawi na raw niya ngayon, sinabi niya na fake news alert”). The anchor slowly puts the brakes on his tirade, although he refuses to apologize or retract, and still takes a jab once in a while and insists that he saw the interview.

In a later FB post, the radio commentator defends his actions by saying that… well, basahin nalang po ninyo. His post follows:

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“Sa mga nagsasabi na upak tayo ng upak ng wala sa lugar sa mga kumakalat ngayon na FAKE NEWS, ito ang tignan nyo.. Ito yung binabanatan natin nung isang araw mga kapatid. Yes! I saw the fake photo (meme) of Sen. Hontiveros may caption na “what maute group are doing is not rebellion, I believe they are only doing what they think is right…. …We should be inspire of what they are doing, They are the epitome of courage and resilience” .. at talaga namang hindi mo maiiwasang hindi mag-bigay ng reaksyon ukol dito NGUNIT panoorin nyo rin ang buong episode ng programa ko (Punto Asintado – June 8, 2017) kung saan makikita nyo na binasa din po ng inyong lingkod ang facebook post ni Sen. Risa Hontiveros na sinasabi nyang fake ang picture na yon. – Interview of Sen. Hontiveros in UNTV with Daniel Razon – Punto Asintado June 8, 2017 Episode

Mga tol, mga bes! Wag kasing basta basta nanonood at nagshashare ng mga edited videos na ninanakaw sa ating programa. Walang pinagkaiba yan sa mga FAKE NEWS dahil edited na yan at inangulo na sa gusto nilang paraan ang pahayag ng inyong lingkod.
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Like I said, this would be a very interesting case study on so many levels – assuming it isn’t being ignored by the many media experts who like to pillory media for being abusado, arogante, inaccurate, unreliable, and biased. Then again, it’s already a week old, and we haven’t heard much of a peep from the usually noisy ones.

Source: Ed Lingao

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