Filipino Man with Beautiful Caucasian GF Bashed by Netizens Turned Out to be a Hot, Ripped Surfer!

     2 months ago
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Now women are crazy in love with this guy!

In today’s society, people who dubbed beautiful have fair skin, perfect teeth, and a perfect body to boost. People with darker skin and women with ‘more curves’ are often ostracized and considered to be ‘ugly’. With this at hand, more and more people strive to be skinnier and opt for skin whitening products.


A few days ago, photos of a couple went viral on social media. Soon after, netizens began bashing the man. Why? The difference between their physical attributes were ‘extreme’ for some.

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Many people believe that the beautiful Caucasian woman deserved ‘better’ than her dark-skinned partner. Some netizens were even saying that he should follow Xander Ford’s steps and get plastic surgery.

But when photos of the man soon surfaced on social media, many netizens ‘ate’ what they said. The man turned out to be a hot surfer from La Union!

He was completely ripped and had the body every woman would definitely fall for. The man, named Roger Casugay, has been in a relationship with the Dutch woman named Lisa for a few months, and the latter flew to the Philippines recently to be with him.

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