Fishermen Capture ‘Alien’ Sea Creature with Strange Googly Eyes and Pink Skin

     2 months ago
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They soon released it back into the ocean.

Humans have yet to discover what the vast sea has to offer. These waters have been around for millennia, but we haven’t even explored 5% of the ocean. Who knows what lurks under the sea?

It is common to discover sea creatures which are ‘alien’ to human eyes. We’ve seen sea creatures with legs, human-like teeth, glowing ‘monsters’, and even a fish with two mouths. Yes, the possibilities are endless. However, what we think is alien, sometimes is just an ordinary fish with extraordinary features—like this little creature.

The captain of the tourist fishing boat the Dr. Pescado caught this swollen pink creature on one of their excursions near the Los Cabos coast of Mexico. Other fishermen called it ‘alien’, but what is it exactly?

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“I was really surprised but what caused most impact were the eyes, so strange,” Pescado told the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet. He said the fish had “raspy skin, three rows of tiny teeth, and three gill slits on each side of the head.”

They noticed that it looked like a shark, but only had three gills instead of the usual 5-7. Another strange feature was its eyes, which looked like puppy-dog-eyes and were very large.

But when doctors saw the picture, they immediately realized it was a swell shark. Its belly was swollen (as seen in the picture), which is filled with water to make them look big so as not be eaten by predators.

The pinkish skin of the shark showed signs of albinism. Albinism in biology is the “Congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal or plant, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals.”

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Dr. David Ebert, director of the Pacific Shark Research Center

“This particular swell shark is cool to see, but with a lot of species, leucism and albinism are anomalous,” said Dr. David Ebert, director of the Pacific Shark Research Center. “In the bigger scheme of things, this discovery highlights a species that tends to be overlooked and not thought about often. Events like this encourage people to think about sharks that might not be on their radar, so I embrace them whenever they come up.”

The fishermen tossed the fish back into the sea, where it could live the rest of its life naturally.


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