Four Students Brutally Attack 14-year-old Girl in South Korea—nearly killing her in the Process!

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They beat her up with a metal pipe, a chair, and several soju bottles. The attackers were the same age as she was.

A horrific attack in South Korea’s Province of Busan has caused outrage around the globe after pictures of the victim were revealed online.

A group of middle school students attacked and nearly killed a 14-year-old girl in Busan, South Korea. The four attackers were captured on CCTV attacking the girl with a metal pipe, a chair, several soju bottles, and lit cigarettes. The girls then took pictures of the bloodied victim after the attack and sent it to other students to ‘brag’ about what they did.

While the victim was 14 years old, three of her attackers were of the same age as she was too. One of the attackers was only 13 years old. They attacked her for 1 hour and 30 minutes before leaving her to die.

A passerby saw the young girl sprawled on the side of the road, bloodied, and had a cap covering her face—she was close to dying. They rushed her to the hospital where she was treated and thankfully saved.

One of the attackers sent a message to another student with the picture attached, bragging about what they had done:

Student: What did you do?
Attacker: I hit a kid. They say it’s attempted murder.
Student: *Sigh*
[Photo of victim]
Attacker: Is it too much?
Student: You did that?
Student: Was it just you two?
Student: Did you hit her alone? You’re a real psycho ㅋㅋ Did you both do it? Answer me. Answer me you b*tch. Are you really sending that to me and asking me if that’s too much? Wow. Until when are you going to keep doing that ㅋㅋ I’m getting really sick of you. You’ve already done enough, you should control yourself now.
Attacker: Sorry. I’ll act properly now.
Student: Was it just you two?
Attacker: Yeah
Student: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Hospital photos reveal extremely deep cuts that ripped her scalp open. It is believed that the cuts came from the soju bottles that were used to hit her. Her face was also unrecognizable after the attack. Her eyes were swollen shut, and her lips were swollen that she could not eat solids.

The attackers turned themselves in 2 hours after the attack and confessed to the crime. When asked why they did it, the girls simply said that they ‘didn’t like the victim’s attitude’. However, according to the victim’s mother, they had already previously attacked her daughter because the latter accepted a call from one of the attackers’ boyfriend.

The mother reported the first incident, but was simply brushed off the Busan police. However, the latest attack was already too much for their family, as the child almost died from the attack. The devastated mother took pictures of her daughter and shared them online, to make her daughter’s story known to others. Her Facebook post read:

“My daughter was beaten up a second time and her face is now a mess. They say the reason was because they wanted revenge for the last time we reported them. Two months ago, a boy she knew contacted her. He was [one of the attacker’s] boyfriend. She was beaten up for picking up his call, and now she was beaten up for reporting the first attack. Her forehead is bloated like there’s silicon in it. I was going to dismiss the previous incident, being a parent myself, but I don’t think this is right. Reporters, please don’t write ridiculous things, I have a lot of evidence. I have an audio recording too, so don’t say she wasn’t injured too badly. My baby can’t even eat congee…. As a parent, I don’t like revealing everything, but why do you think I am? I just hope my daughter’s misfortune can help other kids from suffering the same fate.” — Victim’s Mother, Han Joo Yeon

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제 딸이 두번째 구타로인해 애가 얼굴이 엉망이 됏어요이유는 5명에서 애를 때려 신고들어간거에 보복이랍니다 두달전에 알고있던 오빠가 연락왔는데 그남자가 선배 남친이었어요 그전화 받았단 이유로 맞고 지금금 그거 신…

Posted by 한주연 on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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As the post went viral, thousands of netizens expressed outraged towards the attackers and the Busan police who practically ignored the first attack.

All four of the girls have been taken into custody for the horrific attack. However, the 13-year-old is protected under Juvenile Law and will not be detained, but can still face charges. Pictures of the bullies were also leaked online.


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