Fowl Play: Man Complains About Barangay Officials Who Confiscate and Slaughter Chickens

     2 months ago
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Felix Amistoso approached Raffy Tulfo to complain about their barangay’s ordinance. Apparently, barangay officials confiscated his chickens who were tied up in his backyard. The outspoken broadcaster listened to his pleas and agreed with him, saying that his game fowl shouldn’t have been taken from him.

He added that if the game fowl were being noisy then a warning could’ve been given before such a drastic and foul action was undertaken.

Being the man of the people that he is, Raffy Tulfo said that he would help Felix get his chickens back. Unfortunately, they aren’t sure whether or not the chickens are still alive.


Raffy and his team then contacted Barangay Commonwealth Secretary Ceferino Crisostomo. Raffy asked the reason for the confiscation of the chickens. Ceferino said that he has no knowledge of the incident and directed Raffy to someone who might know something.


Eventually, the show was able to get Julius dela Cruz, the Brgy. Commonwealth executive officer, on the line. Julius said that they have a newly implemented barangay ordinance. Under the ordinance, animals that found wandering along the streets shall be taken. However, Felix’s chickens were inside his backyard, thus his game fowl should have been left alone.

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The executive officer argued that they wouldn’t have confiscated the chickens if they were really in the yard. He added that they were tied down, but were still along the street. According to Julius dela Cruz, even though the animals were harmless, city hall was concerned with the waste that they excrete.


Dela Cruz mentioned that once they capture the chickens, they eventually kill them. He said that he has a video showing the slaughter. Raffy then accused them of slaughtering and then eating the fowl, and asked for video evidence of the barangay officials burying the confiscated livestock.


Raffy Tulfo then got Perla Crisostomo of the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Division, on the line. She said that the ordinance only covers waste and not animals.


Tulfo stressed that animals are not considered waste but dela Cruz reasoned with, “Yes sir, basura na rin po ‘yun kasi nasa kalsada nga po, e.”

Tulfo replied with, “Hindi naman po nakalagay dito na ‘Environmental Livestock Management’.”

Later, it was revealed that the killing of the game fowl was not under the aforementioned ordinance and was ordered by the errant barangay officials. Raffy Tulfo said they could face charges for their foul actions.

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The host then asked for police assistance before the complainant headed to the barangay hall along with the program’s staff. Thankfully, his chickens were alive and well. He is now reunited with his beloved game fowl.


Watch the full segment below.

Naghahari-hariang mangmang na Brgy. Ex-O, sinupalpal ni Raffy Tulfo.Pinagkukumpiska ng bugok na ito ang mga panabong na manok sa kanilang barangay at kinakatay dahil daw sa isang ordinansa!!!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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