FVR: PH continues to ‘lose badly’ under Duterte

     3 months ago
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Former President Fidel Ramos on Thursday said the Philippines continues to “lose badly” under the Duterte administration.

“We are losing badly and I will say it again after the relief of Marawi City of terrorists,” Ramos told ABS-CBN News at the sidelines of the book launch of former Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita’s memoir at Camp Aguinaldo.

Ramos said Filipinos should build on previous gains to achieve progress.

“So much division among brothers and sisters in the same family that’s happening now. And what I’m saying, there’s too much division in our Filipino family for us to really reach our full potential of being competitive in the world,” he said.

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Ramos previously criticized Duterte’s first 100 days, saying his policies were making the Philippines “lose badly.”

He added that the tough-talking leader seems to have no long-term vision for the country.

Despite these criticisms, Duterte said he respects Ramos’ opinions.

“You are my idol. You are my number one supporter, but at the same time you are my number one critic now. “You can continue criticizing me, sir,” he said.


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