Grieving Girlfriend Takes Last Snapchat Photos with Young Boyfriend Who Suddenly Passed Away

     2 months ago
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Apparently, her boyfriend used to love taking snapchat photos with her.

The pain of losing a loved one can never be described in words. Bidding your loved on goodbye for the last time can truly break you—especially when everything happened so suddenly. This was the case for Facebook user Valyrie Delos Santos.

Val got news that her boyfriend, John Rey Sac Acayen had died, but she couldn’t believe it. She rushed to her lover’s home, only to find him lying lifeless on his bed. He had died without saying goodbye to her. Val had a hard time taking in the news, but it was true. Memories came flooding in, prompting her to share their story on social media.

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During John Rey’s wake, Val took several photos with him inside the coffin and shared the snapchat photos on social media. While some netizens criticized her at first, many understood her after reading her lengthy caption.

Apparently, John Rey loved taking snapchat photos with her when he was still alive—and this was probably the last chance Val could ever take photos with him again.

According to Valyrie, John Rey died from asthma complications. Most deaths caused by asthma result from a gradual worsening of symptoms, and sudden and unexpected deaths are relatively rare.


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