Groom Exposes Evidence of His Bride’s Cheating in Wedding Dinner

     2 months ago
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Cheating is one of the main reasons why couples split up. Cheating breeds distrust, and we all know trust is an important aspect of any relationship?

What happens when you caught your partner cheating on you? Not just any partner mind you, but the person you’re going to marry? This is what happened to a particular groom in Singapore. According to Hype, he is a rich businessman who decided to hire a private investigator to spy on his bride months before their big day.

The source cited that the investigation was done by Zhuo, a personnel employed in the AJAX Investigation & Security Services. Zhuo’s assignment seemed simple enough – follow the bride’s every move and observe if there’s anything suspicious in her daily activities. The groom ordered the investigator to capture anything in a video so that there would be sufficient evidence, if possible.

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Zhuo followed the groom’s request and discovered that the bride entered a hotel with a different guy. The source quoted Zhuo:

“They went up to the room together but one of them left first before the other. However, they both came out from the same room.” 

The investigator did what he was told and caught the bride cheating from her groom in a video. Unfortunately, the source did not supply enough information as to how exactly such an event transpired.

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Zhuo came back to the groom and showed it to the latter. The groom decided to continue the wedding despite seeing evidence which proved that the bride was allegedly cheating. He even invited the private investigator to attend their wedding dinner.

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According to Zhuo:

“At the wedding dinner when they began playing the flashback videos of the bride and groom’s love story, there was a nasty surprise waiting for the cheating bride. Halfway through the sweet montage video, suddenly the groom played the footage of the bride cheating on him in front of everyone present.” 

The bride reportedly ran away from the venue as fast as she could once her so-called cheating video was exposed to everyone. After that, the source cited that their whole wedding was called off.

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The report said:

“Zhou revealed that although 70% of the cases from AJAX Investigation & Security Services are made up of cheating scandals, the aforementioned case was one of the most memorable incidents.” 

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It is important to note that the source did not supply any video about the bride’s cheating. As such, this story remains unverified as of this writing.

What do you think about this story, readers? If you suspect your partner was cheating, would you also hire a private investigator? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below! 




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