Hardworking Old Couple Made Chili Paste For Family Reunion But No One Came Home

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It’s a really disappointing and sad state of affairs when children forget about their aging parents. Some grown-up kids today often don’t have the time to visit or check up on their folks due to their hectic lives. Some of us are guilty of this, you have to admit. Once a child matures into an independent adult, they tend to forget that their parents grow old and frail with each passing year as well. Arguably, the elderly are the ones who are in serious need of the most attention and love – like the care they’ve shown their children in their earlier years.

Regret is always at the end.

This viral story is about how an old couple happily prepared their kids’ favorite chili paste for hours – but was heartbroken to discover that none of them would be able to visit.

via hk.on.cc
via hk.on.cc
via hk.on.cc

According to a report by Kwongwah, this old couple from Shanxi, China busied themselves by preparing their children’s favorite chili paste even though it was a laborious process. Despite being busy preparing for the Mooncake Festival in China, wherein most families would hold their reunions, Lee and his wife Zhang still had the time to prepare the chili paste.

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71-year-old Lee didn’t mind pushing the huge stone mill in their village despite it being too heavy for his age. After all, it was for the chili paste his kids would enjoy soon. He and his wife took turns in creating the chill paste; Lee rolled the mill while Zhang added salt and garlic to the paste.

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“Our children will return in two days’ time, and they’ll be looking forward to this chilli sauce. We better get going with the grinding,” Lee stated happily to his neighbors as they tried to stop him.

It showed that they were really excited for their children’s arrival back home. However, their lengthy preparation was met with bitter disappointment. Their children sent them a WeChat message via Lee’s neighbor, stating that no one could come and celebrate the festival with them because of their busy work schedule.

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via hk.on.cc
via hk.on.cc
via hk.on.cc

The news broke Lee and Zhang’s heart – who only wanted to spend the holidays with their kids. Lee cried while Zhang tried to keep herself composed as they digested the bitter news. The wife pretended she wasn’t affected by this unfortunate news – just so her children wouldn’t feel guilty about not being able to come home.

The day after, the elderly couple decided to work in the fields and didn’t bother celebrate the festival anymore. When asked why they worked on the holiday, the elderly couple said they wanted to earn enough money to reduce their children’s troubles and possibly convince them to celebrate Chinese New Year for a family dinner.

A truly sad story.

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