Hardworking Parents Sell Fruits and Corn While Their Children Slept Inside their ‘Kariton’

     3 months ago
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They have no choice but to bring their children along.

Filipinos are known around the world to be friendly and hospitable. But another trait foreigners love about Filipinos is that they are family-oriented as well. For them, families always come first, even if it means risking their own lives in doing so.

Sadly, it is no surprise that many Filipinos live in poverty—it is a third world country after all. With this at hand, many families work doubly hard compared to well-to-do families. Many poor families cannot afford a lot of things—including sending their children to school. This couple couldn’t send their children to school, and brought them along while working instead. Photos of the children went viral on social media, gaining mixed reactions from netizens.

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Facebook user Shair Joy Mendelez witnessed it first-hand. She was buying fruits from a woman when she noticed two children sleeping inside the kariton (pushcart). To make ends meet, both parents had to work in order for their family to survive. While the woman sold fruits, her husband sold roasted corn.

Though many netizens lauded the couple for working hard for their children, some netizens criticized them for exposing their children to the extremely hot weather, and the fumes from many vehicles passing by.


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