Hollywood Action Star Steven Seagal Claims That Duterte Is a Good President

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If you’re fond of watching foreign action movies, chances are, you’ve seen Steven Seagal at least once. He’s an actor, producer, martial arts practitioner, and a musician who has American, Russian, and Serbian citizenship.

He appeared in movies such as “Dragon Squad,” “The Patriot,” “Machete,” “Gutshot Straight,” The Keeper,” and “Code of Honor,” among others. Apart from that, Steven Seagal is a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido, the Japanese martial art.

Recently, he shared his opinions about President Rodrigo Duterte and the administration’s campaign against drugs. This is not a surprise since Steven is known to be friends with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president and probably one of the most controversial political figures nowadays.

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According to Manila Bulletin, Steven Seagal proclaimed that Duterte is a good president who makes the country a better place. He said this in a press conference at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati.

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What is he doing here in the Philippines? Apparently, he has a series of movies about crime, drugs, and corruption with Filipino actors. The action star said that he feels the country is not a dangerous place to be in.

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He also admired the Filipinos’  well known warm hospitality, humor, and their open friendliness. According to him, that was the reason why he decided to produce movies in the country. It is the actor’s third time to visit the country.

The source specifically cited that Steven Seagal is shooting “General Commander,” a television series. It would allegedly tackle corruption, drugs, and crime.

He is currently being assisted on his production by former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, who is also the actor’s friend.

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Apart from that, the action star also admitted that he is a “big fan” of Duterte. In an interview, he shared:

“I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines an up and coming place.” 

Similar to Steven, Duterte himself is also an admirer of Putin.

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Watch the actor’s message to the president below, courtesy of News 5:

‘GOOD PRESIDENT’ May mensahe kay Pangulong Duterte ang hollywood action star na si Steven SeagalFor more latest stories, visit us at www.news5.com.ph

Posted by News5 on Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Here are some of the netizens’ comments about him:

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What do you think about Steven Seagal’s admiration of Duterte? Are you a fan of him? Have you seen his movies? Let us know your thoughts about him in the comments section below! 

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