Hot Girlfriend Accepts Boyfriend’s ‘Challenge’ to Wear Vibrating Panties While Shopping at Walmart

     2 months ago
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If only those guys knew why she was acting that way.

Have you heard of the vibrating panties challenge? Well it all started with a ‘harmless prank’ by HammyTV on his girlfriend. Ryan Hamilton gives his girlfriend a new pair of vibrating panties. The girl then forgets to remove the panties, and was about to meet her boyfriend’s mom in a few minutes. Little did she know, her boyfriend had the remote control to her vibrating panties. He then chooses to activate them and almost bring his girlfriend to an orgasmic climax in front of his mother.

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Today, with dozens of YouTubers doing the challenge, the couple wanted to do their own version of the challenge, and enter Walmart while wearing the panties! Yes, this time, she is well-aware of it—and she has to keep calm.

She kept on fidgeting, which caught other shoppers and staff’s attention every time she does. Despite being ‘shocked’ from time to time, she tried to compose herself and walked as if nothing was happening. Can she maintain composure until the end of the challenge? Watch here!


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