“If You Got It, You Give It to People” 19-Year-Old Black Woman Buys New Pair of Shoes For a White Boy

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In the USA, racial tensions between the blacks and the whites are heating up. Which is why it was so surprising when a young black woman encountered a sad white boy who couldn’t afford a pair of shoes for his basketball game. Apparently, the boy only had $75 which was not enough to purchase even the cheapest sneakers.

So what did the black woman do for the white boy that had so many people talking? Find out below.

19-year-old Tinyia Frank works at a bar. She likes to shop for new outfits and shoes to reward herself every now and then. During one of her visits to the mall, she decided to buy a pair of jeans. She then realized that she also needs a new pair of sneakers to complement her new clothes.

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Tinyia headed to Champ Sports to get herself a new pair of trainers. While she was browsing through the store’s selection, she noticed a boy who was talking to a salesman. He was asking him what he could purchase with his $75 budget.

Tiniya narrated:

“He asked the man if they had any basketball shoes that are under $75, because that’s all that he had. He kind of put his head down and looked disappointed to say it, not like he was saying it disrespectfully or anything, just kind of sad because that’s all he had.”

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Upon talking to the boy, whose name turned out to be Jordan, the young black woman discovered that he was part of a traveling basketball team who had a game in town. Tinyia was moved as the youth in their area were not being given much importance and support. Tinyia said:

“Where I live, they don’t have anything for the young people. We’ve got one of the highest rates of overdoses in the country in our city, and we have nothing for the youth. They took away our centers that we had for young people, our dancing teams; nothing gets funded.”

“So when he told me that he was on the traveling team and couldn’t afford the shoes that he wanted, I couldn’t do nothing but feel bad because the way that I was raised: If you got it, you give it to people.”

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Tinyia then told Jordan that he could pick any pair of shoes that he wanted and she would buy it for him. Jordan’s father got emotional as one of the store personnel told him that Tinyia was being serious. The boy excitedly chose a pair of red Lebrons which he said he could also wear for his school dance.

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Tinyia said:

“If I was going to get him some shoes, I wanted him to get what he liked. Money is just money. Not to say it’s not important. I work a lot for my money. I’d rather go without getting my 15th pair of shoes and give it to a little boy who clearly only had one.”

It was revealed that Tinyia spent $180 for the shoes and the only thing she wanted in return was a photo of Jordan wearing the Lebrons during his basketball game.

Tinyia initially did not plan on writing a post about her experience with Jordan on social media, but the store owner and Jordan’s father urged her to do so. Her post became viral and she was showered with praises from netizens.

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via facebook.com/tinyia.frank
via facebook.com/tinyia.frank
via facebook.com/tinyia.frank

Many admired her generosity and kindness.

via facebook.com/tinyia.frank
via facebook.com/tinyia.frank
via facebook.com/tinyia.frank
via facebook.com/tinyia.frank

What can you say about Tinyia’s kindness? Would you have done the same thing if you were in her shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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