Japanese Student Arrested after Attacking His Professor for Telling Him not to Use His Tablet in Class

     3 months ago
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Other students burst in laughter while the 16-year-old boy attacked their teacher.

We’ve seen dozens of cases where teachers abuse their students. Most of these teachers have gone to jail and paid for their crimes. But what most parents do not know is that many teachers suffer abuse from their own students—and they cannot do anything about it. If these teachers hit back, they lose their jobs and eventually have a hard time looking for a new one.

A 23-year-old teacher from a school in Fukuoka City, Japan was doing his job when he noticed a student using his tablet while in class. The teacher scolded the teen and told him to keep his tablet away. Instead of doing what his teacher has intructed him to do, the 16-year-old boy suddenly stood up and approached the teacher.

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The student suddenly launched his assault by kicking his calves first. He then proceeded to violently kick the teacher two more times and followed through with a strong punch to his back. The student had even grabbed his teacher’s collar but soon stopped when the teacher yelled at him.

But that isn’t just what made the video shocking for many netizens. As the student attacked the teacher, other students can be heard laughing and jeering. Instead of stopping their fellow classmate, they found the attack amusing.

The 43-second video clip was later posted on Twitter by another student and it soon spread like wildfire on social media. At press time, it has garnered over one million views on YouTube after Otaku News published it.

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The attacker was arrested by Fukuoka Prefectural Police on the night of Sept 29, said Huffington Post Japan.

Always remember that without teachers, there would be no professionals.


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