Jeepney Passenger Sitting Beside the Driver Absentmindedly Accepts Fare and Gives Out Change

     3 weeks ago
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She didn’t realize what she just did until the driver asked if she gave back the right amount.

Having a lot on our minds during the day can result in actions we never intended to do. Being too preoccupied could lead to embarrassing accidents, or even put you in a really right situation. This was the case for Facebook user Armin Sta. Maria, who didn’t realize what she had done inside a PUJ (Public Utility Jeepney).

According to Armin, she sat beside the driver’s seat and didn’t realize she did the driver’s job of accepting fare and giving out change. In the Philippines, family members of the driver usually sit beside him. These family members are the ones who receive money from passengers and give back their change. This is often done to avoid accidents as the driver can fully concentrate on driving.

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Armin is not a family member, nor was she even close to the driver. But when a passenger handed over their fare, she immediately took the money and gave the change. She didn’t realize what she did until the driver laughed and asked her if she gave the right amount.

She took her experience to Facebook, where her post was shared more than 4,000 times, with netizens laughing at what she did. Some netizens said that the driver might’ve reacted differently if she wasn’t beautiful, but others believe it was a really funny experience and the driver’s reaction was just right.


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