Lea Salonga Praises Joey De Leon for His Sincere Apology

     2 months ago
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Lea Salonga applauds Joey de Leon’s effort to apologize for his insensitive remarks that shook the nation. In an episode of “Juan for All, All for Juan”, Joey de Leon said that depression was “gawa gawa lang.” And apparently, that didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Almost immediately the host swamped with backlash and shamed on social media. Dozens of young adults and even friends of the celebrity came out saying that they had struggled with it and it isn’t something that is made up. Because of this, on October 5, Joey de Leon issued an apology.

via instagram.com/angpoetnyo


via instagram.com/angpoetnyo


And one would think that it came through the nose. We mean, let’s face it, we have a lot of people in power and on television that say insensitive things and apologize without genuine substance. But people were shocked and appreciative when Joey de Leon seemed as genuine and as humble as he can be.

Since awareness for such a condition is only booming now, the veteran host admits that he isn’t educated about it.

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“Dala po ng gulo at tuksuhan namin, e, naging mababaw lang at magaan ang pagtanggap ng inyong lingkod sa salitang ‘yan. Joey admits that it used to be the subject of jokes so he didn’t take it too seriously.

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“Hanggang nabanggit ko nga yung, ‘Wala, gawa-gawa lang ‘yan ng ibang tao.’ Yun kasi ang paniniwala ko, na ang stress at depression ay halos magkapantay lamang. Huwag niyong asahan na alam ko ang lahat ng bagay sa mundo. Habang nabubuhay po tayo, e, natututo tayo ng mga bagong mga bagay-bagay. Nagkamali po ako.”

And his genuine plea for forgiveness was praised by Lea Salonga. In her Facebook page, the Broadway singer said this:

via instagram.com/msleasalonga


via instagram.com/msleasalonga


“Won’t say much more, except to read this, and to be thankful for the apology from Joey de Leon regarding his words on depression. The more we all learn, the more compassion we’ll all have.”

via facebook.com/missleasalonga
via facebook.com/missleasalonga
via facebook.com/missleasalonga

It does take guts to admit you are wrong, to swallow your pride and say that you made a mistake. And Joey de Leon’s gesture was appreciated not only by Lea but also the people he had offended. Even Sen. Risa Hontiveros was satisfied with his apology. We have netizens say that this is the sincerest they have seen Joey.

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Goes to show that everybody is not perfect, we all make mistakes. But sometimes, educating a person and letting them understand to avoid future ignorant and insensitive remarks is a lot better than getting revenge by insulting or hating them.


What can you say about Joey De Leon’s original remarks and his apology? Do you think that a lot more people should be educated about mental health because of this? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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