‘Lion Mama’ Kills One of Her Daughter’s R*pists, Walks Free of Murder Charges

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On September 2, 2017, a woman from the eastern part of Cape Town, South Africa dubbed the ‘Lion Mama’ was informed by a friend that her daughter was being r*ped at an empty house in the Qumbu administrative area in Zwartwater near Komani.

The brave mother did not think twice and rushed to her daughter, where she discovered three culprits s*xually abusing her daughter. In order to save her daughter, she grabbed a knife and stabbed the culprits one by one, leading to the death of one of the r*pists.

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Due to the culprit’s death, the brave mother was arrested for murder and attempted murder charges. She was subsequently released on bail amounting to R500. This case caught the attention of the local media as well as the international press. The story of the Lion Mama was making headlines.

Many people showed support for the Lion Mama, with a funding campaign that was launched to cover her legal fees. The campaign was able to raise almost $10,000.

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Prosecutor Fikile Seti then said that magistrate Bala Mhlangu the director of public prosecutions told him to withdraw the charges against her. Although there was no explanation given, many believe it was due to the overwhelming public support for the Lion Mama.

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Emotional to see her those who helped her, the “Lion Mama” said:

“I felt like an old baboon that has no friends, but today you showed me I have people and that I was not alone. Thank you. I am happy that the charges are withdrawn against me and I thought I was going to jail, but God was on my side. I was afraid but with the support of the people outside the court and those who filled the court, I was strong.”

Cape Town resident Natalie Kendrick was the one who set up the generosity page that assisted the Lion Mama with her legal fees. It reportedly crowdfunded over R133,000.

Buhle Tonise, the Lion Mama’s lawyer, said the money earned from the campaign would be used for her and her daughter’s wellbeing. She added that the brave mother and her daughter still need to undergo trauma counseling. Tonise said:

“She still needs to go for trauma counselling for her and her daughter. We have transferred the money that was paid to us to her for her wellbeing.”

“She said she wants a fence and another room for her daughter. She also asked for assistance with managing her money as she has never had that amount of money. She wants assistance on how to save the money.”

Check out netizens’ reactions below.

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The two culprits who survived being stabbed by the Lion Mama are under custody by the authorities and are currently facing r*pe charges.

What can you say about this story? Do you think what the Lion Mama did was just? Would you have done the same thing if you were in her position? Share your comments and reactions below!


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